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Paisley Pattern Conference

The paisley pattern has been chosen as the theme for a design conference in 2017. Paisley has been resurgent in fashion and decor in recent years. This event provides an opportunity for designers to get together and discuss the paisley pattern's many attributes and examine why it continues to be internationally admired at many periods in the last few thousand years and most importantly now! The conference is organized by the AIGA, the professional association for design. Minneapolis is the perfect location for the event as the singer Prince (R.I.P) was undoubtedly the most stylish ambassador of paisley patterns. He frequently wore paisley prints on stage and visitors to the conference will undoubtedly book visits to Paisley Park Studios in Minneapolis where Prince recorded many of his songs and those of other paisley-loving singers and bands. Power to the paisley!

Poster for the AIGA Design Conference on the theme of paisley


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