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Design: Paisley Positivity

In January 2020, Patrick Moriarty decided to create a new paisley pattern for 2020. He knew he wanted a distinctive paisley pattern that would be beautiful in its simplicity. He also wanted the design to appeal to a wide range of people that would be  looking in the future years for a bold clear eye-catching paisley pattern. Patrick began the design in April and launched it in July. There are more than 40 different colour combinations. Each colour combination has 2 sizes: large-scale and small-scale. Check out the Paisley Positivity large-scale fabric collection and the Paisley Positivity small-scale fabric collection. You can also choose to have the designs printed as rolls of wallpaper to decorate your home or public buildings. You can also buy the design printed on fashion garments, home decor items and accessories. A loyal customer, Jeannie Gilding in the UK, has requested face masks made with the white and red version of the design. Patrick will be making them soon for her.

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