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Design: Paisley Prince Songbook

I am thrilled with the reaction online to my latest design. Prince fans have been very complimentary about it. It is called “Paisley Prince Songbook” because many of Prince’s smash hits are depicted in the design. I drew the design by hand on paper in 2018. A customer in Seattle wrote: “Great design and a great tribute to Prince!”. He bought some greeting cards printed with the design. Anna in South California bought some of the cards and said: "Thank u for the cards, they are incredibly lovely!". Another customer ordered some fabric samples, then ordered some yards of fabric. All were printed with the purple and black Prince tribute design. These are the US states where Prince fans have ordered fabric, scarves, cushions, pillowcases, pouch bags, totes  and greeting cards: Alabama, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin. Customers in UK, US, Netherlands, Italy and Australia have ordered the Prince-inspired fabric and fabric samples.

Also, new customers in the Netherlands and Minnesota have ordered the chiffon scarves. Gemma, a customer in Staffordshire UK received her Paisley Prince Songbook gift cards and fabric sample today. She sent me a message saying "I received my order today and they are truly beautiful. The design is magnificent and such a high quality. Thank you so much".

The design is now also available to buy as a luxurious printed cotton cushion cover and a small zip bag (suitable for makeup, travel, or art equipment). You can also buy a reusable purple tote bag, which has the Prince design printed as a large pocket.

In the last 8 days lots of customers worldwide have bought a Paisley Prince Songbook pouch bag. The customers were: Miguel in Madrid, Lauren in Texas, Jessica in Colorado, Melissa in California, Jim in Wisconsin, Lauren in Tennessee, Fraser in Glasgow, David in Twickenham, Elizabeth in Devon and Mandy in Hampstead. If you're thinking of buying a Prince-theme bag, you should buy this bestseller!

On April 25th 2020, Celeste in Brooklyn NY bought a Paisley Prince Songbook zipper pouch bag today. I'm so glad that customers are discovering my new online shop. Prince-theme face masks are very popular with my customers in UK, Canada, UK and Europe during the caronavirus pandemic.

On April 30th 2020, the first batch of Paisley Prince Songbook face masks were shipped. The customers were Cathy (a nurse in Pennsylvania), Fuad (a registered dietician in San Francisco), Cesar (a dental technician in San Francisco), Tony Webb (a wax sculptor in Derbyshire) and Jan-Willem (a massive Prince fan in the Netherlands). All masks now have a wire nose grip sewn into the lining to keep them in place. Please note: these are not medical grade masks, they will be worn by the recipients for day-to-day public activities such as shopping and local travel.

A customer, Melanie in Southend-on-Sea is going to have her art print framed and then hung in the music room in her house. Recently a new customer called  Elena bought one of the art prints to have framed for her apartment in New York. She loves the music of Prince.
Another complimentary comment was written by a dedicated Prince fan who had seen the design online. She wrote: “I just wanted to say your design is absolutely beautiful. Well done for designing something very unique for all us Prince fans.”

On April 13th 2019 a new customer in San Bruno, California bought 3 of the new Prince zip bags (pouch bags). Several people on Facebook in US have written comments about the new bags: "i love this! can’t wait for mine to arrive", "These are gorgeous!!!", "Beautiful!" and "Love it!".

On May 31st 2019 Glynis Duckenfield in Sheffield UK made a superb bag for a friend. She wrote: "I just had to make a messenger bag with the gorgeous Paisley Prince Songbook fabric". She will be making cuddly bears with the fabric too to sell to her customers.

The first extra large Prince-theme scarf was commissioned by Angel in San Francisco who reviewed the scarf after she had received it in the post from Paisley Power in UK: ""The scarf is absolutely beautiful! I love it". Recently Trish in Pennsylvania ordered one and also Katrinca in Pennsylvania has ordered one too. Jeannie in Minnesota also wants to order one.

In 2019 the Paisley Prince Songbook pouch bag was awarded a "Bestseller" flag by the shopping website Etsy. They awarded the flag due to the high number of sales of the bags. Customers all over the world have been buying the stylish affordable bags. On 29th November 2019 Deb Dahl in Minnesota bought 4 of the bags. I expect she bought them as Christmas gifts to give to her Prince-loving friends.

On Dec 18th the Paisley Prince Songbook bikini was launched. It was specially requested by the wonderful Clare Rountree in Honolulu who has been a great supporter of the Paisley Prince Songbook design, fabrics and products. As soon as the new product was listed on the Rage On shopping website, Clare immediately ordered a bikini. She has made of her own clothes using the Prince-theme fabrics.

Trish Font bought a yard of the large version of the Paisley Prince Songbook fabric. On Dec 22nd 2019 she posted a review on the website: "I love this fabric. High quality material!"

Thanks to Markus in Switzerland who bought 10 postcards printed with the Paisley Prince Songbook design. You can choose a matte finish (with an eggshell texture) or smooth semi-gloss finish. If you have Prince friends around the world, say “hello!” with one of these unique eye-catching tributes to the songs of Prince Rogers Nelson.

It’s always great to receive enthusiastic reviews. Trish left this excellent review (Dec 21st 2019 - website) of the Paisley Prince Songbook fabric she bought. She chose to have the design printed on upholstery fabric. Review Title: High Quality Material and Beautiful Design. "As a fan of Prince I was in love with the design on here right away. When I received the material I was even more in love because of the print and the quality of the material. I used the fabric to re-do a chair I made as my 'Prince' chair." Thank you Trish! 💜

The prince-themed fabric has had 3 excellent reviews on the Spoonflower website. Trisha wrote: “I love this fabric. High quality material!”. Elena (Akwaflorell) wrote: “Gorgeous design! Really love your sad dove”. Margreet (Pink Deer) wrote: “Absolutely stunning, Patrick and a beautiful tribute to Prince! LOVE this!!”

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