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Design: Paisley Prince Songbook

Prince fans have been very complimentary about my Prince-themed design. It is called “Paisley Prince Songbook” because 18 of Prince’s songs are referenced in the design. I drew the design by hand on paper in 2018. There is a diagram of the design (see pic below), which indicates the 18 Prince songs that are in the design.

Prince fans worldwide can't get enough of the "Paisley Prince Songbook" fabric! This unique fabric is not only popular among fans but also designers and makers who use it to create clothing, fashion accessories, and many other products to sell online. Join the trend and get your hands on this one-of-a-kind Prince-themed fabric today! Customers in many different countries including the UK, US, Netherlands, Italy, and Australia ordered the Prince-inspired fabric.

A customer in Seattle wrote: “Great design and a great tribute to Prince!”. He bought some greeting cards printed with the design. Anna in South California bought some of the cards and said: "Thank u for the cards, they are incredibly lovely!". Another customer ordered some yards of fabric. All were printed with the purple and black Prince tribute design. Gemma, a customer in Staffordshire UK bought Paisley Prince Songbook gift cards and a fabric sample. She sent me a message saying "I received my order today and they are truly beautiful. The design is magnificent and such a high quality. Thank you so much".

Lots of customers worldwide have bought a Paisley Prince Songbook pouch bag (suitable for makeup, travel, or art equipment).

I'm so glad that customers buy fabric and products from my online shop which is called the Paisley Power Shop.

The "Paisley Prince Songbook", a Prince-themed pattern created by UK designer Patrick Moriarty, was featured in the "Paisley: A Princely Pattern" exhibition at the Museum for Islamic Art in Jerusalem. Named after 18 Prince songs, the design was displayed on a museum exterior wall and used as room wallpaper. Icons such as Madonna, Jimi Hendrix, and the Beatles, who wore paisley patterns, were also showcased. Read Patrick's blog post about the exhibition. There was a review of the “Paisley: A Princely Pattern” exhibition in the Times of Israel (dated 22 July 2022) that mentions the Paisley Prince Songbook wallpaper designed by Patrick Moriarty. The newspaper states, “There’s a rock ‘n' roll corner as well, with vibrant purple paisley wallpaper designed by Britain’s Patrick Moriarty in homage to Prince’s “Paisley Park” album”.


A dedicated Prince fan saw the Paisley Prince Songbook design online. She wrote: “I just wanted to say your design is absolutely beautiful. Well done for designing something very unique for all of us Prince fans.”

In 2019 the Paisley Prince Songbook pouch bag was awarded a "Bestseller" flag by the shopping website Etsy. They awarded the flag due to the high number of sales of the bags. Customers all over the world have been buying the stylish affordable bags.

Trish Font bought a yard of the large version of the Paisley Prince Songbook fabric. On Dec 22nd 2019 she posted a review on the website: "I love this fabric. High quality material!"

It’s always great to receive enthusiastic reviews. Trish wrote an excellent review of the Paisley Prince Songbook fabric on Dec 21st, 2019 on the website. She chose to have the design printed on upholstery fabric. Review Title: High Quality Material and Beautiful Design. "As a fan of Prince, I was in love with the design on here right away. When I received the material I was even more in love because of the print and the quality of the material. I used the fabric to re-do a chair I made as my 'Prince' chair." Thank you Trish! 💜

The prince-themed fabric has had 3 excellent reviews on the Spoonflower website. Trisha wrote: “I love this fabric. High-quality material!”. Elena (Akwaflorell) wrote: “Gorgeous design! Really love your sad dove”. Margreet (Pink Deer) wrote: “Absolutely stunning, Patrick, and a beautiful tribute to Prince! LOVE this!!”

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