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Paisley Power Design: Hibiscus Paisley

I wanted to overlay real flowers onto a traditional paisley pattern to create a very modern design. I took photos of the hibiscus plant at my mother's house and then simplified them using Photoshop. It was important not to make the flowers look too photographic otherwise they would be too dominant in the design and the background would get lost to the viewer. The colours of the flowers and background must also be carefully considered so that there is a harmonious balance between the different elements of the design. A friend who is very skilled at colouring designs, made several colour variations of the final design as you can see in the images below. i am looking forward to making many products with this design including  cushions, bags, hats and notelets all of which will be available from my PaisleyPowerShop. You can also buy this design in various colours and on a large choice of fabrics at my Spoonflower shop.

A new customer to my Spoonflower shop is Samantha O'Hagan, a talented dressmaker from Glasgow. She will be creating the first Paisley Power patterned wedding dress for one of her clients using my hibiscus paisley print fabric. Her dressmaking business is called Runaway Roxie. She has agreed to send me photos of the development of the dress, which I will be posting on all my social media platforms. This is not the first time I have had wedding-related interest in my designs; recently a guy in Dallas Texas enquired about having a suit or tuxedo made using one of my paisley patterns.

In July 2017 Amazon Distribution (US) bought 11 yards of the pink, teal and brown version from my Paisley Power fabric store via 

February and March 2018 have been very busy months with lots of new customers worldwide buying yards of the Hibiscus Paisley fabric. Customers can buy my fabric anywhere in world by ordering it online from Amazon Distribution or Etsy Distribution.

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