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Paisley Power Design: Linear Organic

This unique design was created by Patrick Moriarty as an entry for a wallpaper competition. The competition was organized by The Ideal Home Exhibition. Patrick drew the design by hand and completed it using Adobe Photoshop software. The pattern was inspired by the wallpaper designs of William Morris, who was one of Britain's most famous textile designers from the 19th century. He was a leading exponent of the Arts and Crafts Movement, a popular and innovative style of interior design. The way that his designs have natural forms that intertwine was an aspect of William Morris style that was inspirational to Patrick's design.

Hats and bags are available in the Paisley Power Etsy shop so that you can purchase lovely products made from this unique fabric. You can also purchase yards or metres of fabric with this design from the Paisley Power Shop at The bucket hats, which Patrick makes by hand in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, are fully reversible and are made of two different colours of this beautifully printed fabric. If you have any questions please contact Patrick on the Contact Page.

In 2017 a customer in Lincolnshire ordered a men's hat with this fabric. Also in 2017 a rat clasp bag was ordered by a new customer who requested that the black and white version of this print was requested for the bag's lining. Photos of the rat bag and it's lining will be posted soon. On this page is a video of this fabric. By watching the video you can appreciate the detail in the design and how the pattern flows in a natural organic way.

Also in the pics below you can see a model wearing a Paisley Power hat made from 100% cotton with beautiful pattern designed by Patrick Moriarty. She wears the hat in her garden in Suffolk UK. It's the perfect hat for the beach, music festivals, country walks and as seen here gardening.

In 2017 a Canadian company, MBM Bow Ties emailed this website. They had been contacted by a customer who had seen my 'Linear Organic' design online. He wanted a bow tie made using the fabric for his wedding. He asked if it was possible to have the pattern in navy blue on a black background. I was willing to produce the fabric exactly has he requested. The first challenge was ensuring that the design, which is quite large in scale, could be digitally printed effectively in a very small scale. I printed some paper tests in the smaller size and in navy and black. They looked good and Marilyn Merrigan, the owner of MBM Bow Ties approved them enthusiastically. I created a template of 10 of the best colour combinations and sizes and uploaded them to the website. After a few days the test fabric arrived and I was very happy with the result. A few of the samples did not have enough definition of the thin lines the but most of them were excellent. I made a short video of the samples which you can see on this page. I have also added photos of the samples to the photo gallery below. I emailed a photo to Marilyn and she said "they are wonderful! thank you so much". I also uploaded the video to Instagram and received a very positive reaction. I will immediately be sending the samples to Canada so that Marilyn and her team can make the bow tie. I hope very much that she will arrange for me to have a photo of the finished bow tie being worn at the wedding.

update: September 2017. I received in the post from Canada a bow tie from MBM Bow Ties. The quality of the print and sewing is excellent. The colours, navy blue and black are very dynamic and stylish. The bow tie has been sewn using layers of fabric to give the bow tie a strong structure and depth of vision. It must have looked very sophisticated at the wedding. I am looking forward to working with Marilyn, the owner of MBM Bow Ties on future collaborations. She is keen to produce a bow tie for her executive line using a tiny version of my popular paisley rat print.

In October 2017 Patrick was contacted by Tony Webb of Tony Web  Creative Services. Tony formed the company after training in wax figure production at Madame Tussauds London. He is also a very highly skilled at Prosthetic Design, Wig Making and Special Effects Make Up. He receives commissions from all over the world requesting wax figures of famous celebrities and public figures. He is an expert in his field. He contacted me to commission a special fabric for 4 new wax figures of the pop music icon Prince. Please note: the photo of Prince below is not a photo of one of the wax figures. I will post photos of the wax figures when they are launched in Los Angeles in 2018. The 4 wax figures of Prince are currently on display in the four Hollywood Wax Museums in Hollywood (California), Branson (Missouri), Pigeon Forge (Tennessee) and Myrtle Beach (South Carolina). Tony asked me to provide a special fabric for the lining of the jackets for the Prince figures. I sent him some pictures of a design i thought would be suitable (my Linear Organic design) and he said it was ideal. Then I had to make some new versions in shades of purple and print them on satin. We all know that the singer Prince was famous for his use of the colour purple in his stage outfits and his record sleeves and promotional material. One of his most famous songs is called "Purple Rain". When I received the test samples of the fabric, I sent them to Tony for his approval. He chose the most suitable version and asked me to order 11 yards for him. He received the order in January 2018 and was extremely happy with it. I am looking forward to seeing the Prince jackets when they have been completed.

In June 2019, bespoke hat-make Jill Corbett of Brighton UK bought 2 yards of Paisley Power fabric to make a unique pork-pie hat. The hat has had a superb reaction on social media with interest from UK, USA, Denmark and Italy. The denim fabric is printed by Spoonflower and looks perfect. You can order one of these hats today which has the unique printed paisley pattern by Patrick Moriarty. You can order this black and white paisley fabric by going to the special page at Spoonflower and selecting Dogwood Denim from the drop down box.

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