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Design: Paisley Kaleidoscope

Here are the new versions of a design that I created for a client in Turkmenistan in 2015. The original design was for a large square printed headscarf with a distinct border. The client did not require exclusivity around the world for the design and was happy for me to use the design for other purposes. The design is called “Paisley Kaleidoscope”. I like drawing my designs on paper first using pencils, then when the lines are perfect, I draw over the pencil with ink pens. I finish the repeat area using Adobe Photoshop. In this design, I drew flowers, leaves and paisley symbols. You can order all of the versions of the design from my Paisley Power fabric store. I created more than 20 unique headscarf designs for my client. I will be adapting them so that they are seamless repeat patterns, suitable for printing lengths of fabric. I will be posting more images of the new versions in the next few months. You are very welcome to join my Paisley Power Facebook page to stay up to date with all the latest developments in my design journey. This design has many intricate decorative motifs linked together in a harmonious symmetrical layout. I posted a pic of the olive green version (see pics below) on Instagram in August 2018 and it received an extremely positive reaction from viewers. Nina May Designs (US) commented "Wow, so detailed!". Melanie Miles Design (Australia) commented "This is amazing!". Teija Bruhn (Sweden) commented "Wow!". Dishrag Studio (US) commented "your original design has a lot of detail and work in it. I love it!".Ruth Fairhead (UK) commented "this is especially gorgeous".

I have now added photos of the design, printed by Spoonflower printing company. The photos of fabric are examples of my design printed on Spoonflower's lightweight cotton twill, a durable 100% cotton. My design has printed very accurately on this fabric. The colours are bold and complimentary. There are photos of small 8" test swatches and also photos of a whole yard of the fabric. I hope you like them and order some!

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