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Design: Tropical 1 - hand-painted exotic flowers and leaves

Tropical designs are always popular for a variety of uses. They can be printed on fabric to make beachwear or bags to take to the beach. Shorts are essential for sunny holidays so bold colorful prints are associated with good times on the sand and swimming in the sea. The surfing scene has an excellent tradition of eye-catching graphic designs which adorn surfboards and all the fashion garments and accessories related to surfing. Imagery associated with the beach and sea-life is always attractive due to the rich mix of natural plants and wildlife which relate to the holiday experience. Palm trees, hibiscus flowers, boats, coral, octopuses, seahorses, waves and even cocktails can be drawn or painted to convey a feeling of good times on holiday.

In the pics on this page you can see a tropical design that created by Patrick Moriarty. He painted the flowers by hand. There is a lovely blend of colors in the flowers as the watercolor paints merge to form blended shades of color. You can see different color combinations of the design below. The design is printed on basic cotton ultra, a fabric available from the printing company Spoonflower. I have a collection of designs on the Spoonflower website. In the pics below you will see a set of keys, which I photographed next to the fabric swatches. The keys are purely to give you an idea of the scale of the design. I hope you enjoy my tropical design and when you need some tropical fabric for your next project, you will order it from my Paisley Power online fabric store.

In February 2018 a new customer commissioned a hat to be made with the green and blue version of this tropical design (see pics below). He was on vacation in Mexico and said the hat would be very useful to protect his head from the powerful rays of the sun. I have promised to make the hat as quickly as possible. Another customer from Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, UK also ordered a bucket hat made from the same fabric. On ths page you can watch a video of a yard of cotton twill printed with the tropical design. The cotton was printed by Spoonflower and it will be used to make the hats. My range of bucket hats are popular and have different styles for women and men so that they fit perfectly and look very stylish. You can see them in my Etsy shop. Please give the page time to load. Thank you!

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