These are a selection of the fashion print designs that Patrick Moriarty created for design studios in Copenhagen, Amsterdam and London from 2007 until now. To see more of his fashion designs for scarves and leggings, please visit the Competitions page or stroll around the shops in the high street! Major retailers buy his designs every season. He finds it very enjoyable to work on new themes each week such as men’s sportswear, womenswear signature commissioned print collections or luxury scarf collections. It's the icing on the cake of the design process, seeing your designs on models in magazines, in shop windows or being worn by passers-by in the street.

Many of the designs are some of Patrick’s trademark paisley prints. He realised he had a natural skill for creating new unique paisley patterns so decided to specialise and call this website

In the fashion photos on this page you will see examples of Patrick’s design techniques. The black and grey dress has a Russian fairy-tale theme. He painted the whole design on paper with watercolour paints. The original painting was in full colour but the retailer decided to print the fabric in grey tones. The design still looks effective and probably more dramatic in these dark monotone shades. He spent a few hours in his local library looking at illustrated books of Russian folklore to find examples of firebirds and then he combined elements from these books to create his own unique painted firebird. He also analysed the way that Russian folklore is characterised by a particular way of decorating their images with curved lines, triangular patterns and painted spots. The research process is one of the most interesting aspects of textile print design because you will undoubtedly find new ways of creating designs. You can add these new techniques to your arsenal of creative skills, whether using pencil, ink, paintbrush, collage or photographs.


In the images below you will see Patrick’s fashion print designs either worn by models or as individual garments. One picture shows a Christmas clothing collection that included 2 of his t-shirt designs. This was the main shop window of one of the UK’s biggest retailers at their flagship store in Oxford Street, London. The punk-inspired design with ‘X’ was also in the window of another major international retailer in Oxford Street, London.  There are two magazine photos; one is the cover of the catalogue for the biggest mail order company in Sweden and the other pic is from Libelle, the biggest monthly lifestyle magazine in the Netherlands. Two other photos are pictures Patrick took of shop windows in Antwerp and Hamburg. He was visiting the two cities and spotted his designs as he was walking in the central shopping areas. You never know where your designs are going to turn up, but the more designs you create and sell, the better the chances of striking lucky.

In 2016 Patrick’s print designs were available at many major high street retailers worldwide including Anthropologie (Urban Outfitters), Vero Moda (Bestseller), Next, Wallis, Dorothy Perkins (Arcadia) and ASOS.


In 2017 one of Patrick's hand-drawn floral outline prints was available from, which he created while working for Fusion textile studio in Copenhagen. Also in 2017 the Danish brand for women, Vila, launched a pretty dress with a print design by Patrick Moriarty. He painted different flower petals and combined them to create beautiful flowers in an innovative new way. The dress is pictured below. His designs continue to appear online on many different retail websites. If you search for "paisley pattern" or "paisley dress", you'll probably find a print design created by Patrick Moriarty. His paisley prints were also on sale at New Look and

2017 has been a particularly successful year for Patrick with many of his print designs being bought by major international fashion retailers and regularly appearing as printed dresses, tops, leggings and skirts in shop windows and womenswear websites.

In August 2018, 2 of Patrick's unique designs were printed as fabric by the Soaked-in-Luxury womenswear brand and expertly designed as dresses and tops. Patrick drew the designs by hand. One of the them is a floral leaf design which has a classic vintage feeling. The other is a symmetrical geometric tribal design which is very contemporary. See pics of both garments in the FASHION photo gallery below.

In autumn and winter 2018 the Danish brand Cream launched a stylish women's blouse as part of their fashion collection. The blouses were made using a unique design created by Patrick Moriarty. Cream decided to print his design in two colour combinations: black/white and red/white. Pics of the blouse worn by models are included in the gallery below.

In addition to creating print designs for his agent every week, Patrick also designs for his own label Paisley Power. His unique textile print designs have been made into shirts, t-shirts, hats, scarves and bandanas. You can see some of them in his Etsy shop and on other pages of this website such as his rat design page and cat design page. If you want to make your own garments or fashion accessories, you can buy many of his fabrics by the yard or metre from my Spoonflower shop page. If you love style, you'll love Paisley Power!

In 2018 and 2019 Patrick's fashion print designs have been a big success with US and Australian fashion brands. Patrick's designs have been bought by Hugo Boss, Victoria's Secret, Donna Karan, Gap, Urban Outfitters and Macy's. In October 2019, Tommy Hilfiger, bought two of Patrick's designs. When these major brands launch their new collections in 2020 with fabric designed by Patrick, official photos of the garments will be posted on this page.

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