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Commission: Create Unique Paisley Pattern for Company Logo.


Client: Vintage Duck Brand, US - fashion

Sean Woods, founder of Vintage Duck Brand, asked me to design a unique paisley pattern for their company logo.

Vintage Duck Brand is a fashion brand based in Virginia US. They launched in September 2015. They aim to produce clothing that has a progressive modern look, urban chic, but respecting classic style and quality workmanship. The duck represents the clothing's versatility in a variety of changing conditions. The paisley pattern represents a classic traditional attention to detail.

They produce sweatshirts, t-shirts, embroidered sweaters and hats.

I drew the paisley design by hand and then finished the repeat pattern in Photoshop. I provided the finished pattern in several color combinations for the client. They have registered it to prevent copyright infringement.

It was a real pleasure to work on this project and see the finished design worn by their stylish models and happy customers. The models and customers pictured were in the Bahamas, Florida, Washington DC, Virginia and many other great locations including Helsinki, Finland.

In March 2017 I presented a tutorial to the Surface Pattern Design Guild in Berkeley, California. I explained how I created the design by hand-drawing the paisley shapes. Then I scanned the drawings and finished the seamless repeat pattern using Adobe Photoshop software. I also showed the audience some of the photos, on this page of my website, of customers and models wearing Vintage Duck Brand garments with the logo. 

From 2017 onward, Sean has asked me to provide lots of different color versions of his exclusive paisley pattern. Sean has been introducing these new color combinations used in his fashion collections every season.

In 2020 Vintage Duck Brand is continuing to expand it's product lines and its customers are promoting the brand in lots of exciting locations worldwide. The woman on the mud-covered four-wheeler (pictured below) is proudly displaying the Vintage Duck Brand logo on her black t-shirt.

Paisley patterns and yoga go hand-in-hand; they both have historic origins in India. It’s great to see the new yoga collection by Vintage Duck Brand, which has a paisley pattern that textile designer Patrick Moriarty was commissioned to create for the brand. The collection will be launched on March 6, 2020. You can see the yoga leggings and yoga top being worn by a model in one of the photos below.

Visit Vintage Duck Brand facebook page for regular updates about this exciting innovative fashion brand.

people wearing Vintage Duck Brand t-shirts with official logo with Paisley Power print
fashionable printed t-shirts by Vintage Duck Brand with paisley pattern in logo by Paisley Power
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