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Design: Tropical 2 - Palm Leaves

New eye-catching tropical designs are always in fashion especially with the popularity of hot sunny flight destinations all year round. I decided to create a design that was dynamic, bold, exotic and unisex. I wanted to appeal to many different markets including swimwear, beachwear and home decor. I drew a few palm leaves by hand and then moved them around to create a collage of interlocking leaves. I had to redraw most of the design to ensure the leaves did not touch. It was important to leave a small amount of space to allow the design to 'breathe'.

The colour combinations for the designs were chosen by my friend Holly who recently graduated from Brighton University Textile Design BA (Hons) degree course. She made a lovely job of choosing complimentary colours that work together within each design but also work together as a collection. This was proven today when a new customer ordered 2 yards of 4 different colour combinations. You can see them in one of the pics below. All the versions are available from my online Spoonflower store. You can choose to have the designs printed on a choice of more than 20 different base fabrics. The new customer chose linen cotton canvas.

In April 2018 an independent home-ware brand from Essex, called Parchment and Purl, made a zebra cushion with a palm leaf border. The fabric used for the border is Paisley Power's "Palm Leaf" fabric. Parchment and Purl ordered 20 yards of the fabric to skillfully use in their product range. In May 2018 Parchment and Purl launched their cactus print cushion, which has borders made with the Paisley Power 'Palm Leaf' fabric. The cushion looks very stylish and eye-catching.

In the picture gallery below is a video of the design printed on Spoonflower's Cyrpus Cotton Canvas fabric. The video enables you to to see the perfect seamless repeat and also to see the high quality of the printing by zooming in on certain areas of the printed fabric.

In February 2019 an interior designer in Chicago bought 38 yards of the the Palm Leaves design printed on Linen Cotton Canvas. They chose the white and black version. You can see a picture of the design printed as a tablecloth in the first pic in the picture gallery below. They also ordered the same design printed as a roll of gift wrap.

On December 14th Patrick Moriarty created the first Palm Leaves pouch bags. He created them exclusively for the Paisley Power Pre-Christmas sale at the Beecroft Art Gallery. The lime green and white bags have vibrant acid green cotton linings and green zips.

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