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Design: Skull Bandana Mexican

The Mexican Day of The Dead is not until 2 November 2018, but I decided to launch it a bit early! I've created 6 colour versions. They are in different colour combinations and are all available to order from the Paisley Power online fabric store at The collection is called "Skull Bandana Mexican". I drew all the motifs by hand, which include decorative skulls (female and male), flowers, paisley symbols, striped borders and stars. A popular layout method for creating bandana designs is to scatter them to form a tossed collage of many bandanas. This is the 'look' I hope I have achieved in this design.

Skull motifs are always popular in graphics, textiles, art and sculpture. The skulls that I have drawn are humorous and convey an enjoyable mood, which is suitable for the Mexican public holiday celebration. I hope that people all over the world will enjoy my design, even thought the Day of the Dead is mainly celebrated in Mexico and also by the large Mexican communities in US. The Day of the Dead is a national holiday in Mexico. In the future I hope to make individual bandanas for humans and pets, using these fabrics. If you follow my Paisley Power blog and facebook page, you will be informed of all new exciting design projects.

On 6th August 2018, the day after the design was launched, a new customer bought a yard of the design. They ordered it from Spoonflower and chose to have it printed on Kona® Cotton Ultra fabric. They chose the red version of the design. I am sure they will make something stylish with the fabric, either for fashion or for home decor.

On 17th March 2019 a new customer bought 19 lengths of wallpaper printed with the Skull Bandana Mexican design. They chose the grey version of the design. They bought the wallpaper from my Paisley Power page on the Spoonflower website. I am fascinated to know what time of room they will hang the wallpaper in. Maybe it will be a bar or restaurant.
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Grey version of the Mexican "Day of the Dead" theme design.


shades of pink create a happy feeling for this unique hand-drawn design


The design can be used for fashion, accessories, home decor, wall coverings and stationery.


the design looks symmetrical but has a few variations to the layout which makes the design more exciting and unpredictable.


This version is popular. It has a mixture of red and blue colours. The blue borders act as frames for the main design areas.


This version has a royal blue and light blue, which creates an eye-catching contrast.


grey background and black and white design. The motifs include decorative skulls, paisley symbols, flowers and stars


red version of the skull bandana design by Patrick Moriarty

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