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Design: Ornamental Paisley

I drew the design by hand in pencil and then drew over the pencil lines more accurately in black ink. Then I scanned the ink drawings and completed the repeat pattern using Adobe Photoshop software. I also coloured the design at this stage of the design process. A friend of mine created all the pretty colour variations. This design is popular and customers have bought it as cushions from my Etsy shop or as a bomber jacket from my PAOM ( shop. In November 2016 the Italian company Selfy SRL launched the design in 2 colour variations (pink and blue) as part of the LaCruz brand. It's great to know that lots of Italians will be wearing my design on their feet on the beach or in the home. In February 2017 SELFY srl launched their facebook page, which has some interesting graphics including a very cool poster for their Las Cruz bio-vegan range of flip-flops. Keep an eye on this exciting new Italian company who will be setting trends for the future.

In March 2018 I received an enquiry from a new customer asking about the possibility of having a golf bag made with the pink and blue version of this design.

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