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Design: Sew-on Patches USA

Everyone love patches! Sew-on patches have been very popular in the fashion world in recent years. It's fashionable again to sew patches on your clothing but here's an easy way to achieve that look without the need to sew. Here is a simple solution to the person who wants to be wearing lots of patches. Designer Patrick Moriarty created a unique artwork that includes graphic illustrations of sew-on patches. Instead of sewing patches to your clothing, you can make your own clothing using Patrick's new printed fabric that looks like patches. The patch motifs in the design include: planet, guitar, eye, eyeball, arrow, stars, peace sign, skull, cactus, dice, alien, lightning, rose, Route 66 sign, letter X, letter G, number 5, leaves and flames. 

The design is available in 3 different colour versions, which are all available to order as printed  fabric by the yard or printed wallpaper. 

Black, white and red with blue background

Red and white with black background

Black and white with red background

The printed fabric will look great when used to make home decor items too.

Aimee Stammers is a freelance business advisor for independent brands and was former Head of the UK Press Office at Benetton. She suggested that the fabric would be great for making backpacks and tote bags.

On 13th March 2020, designer Patrick Moriarty filmed a video of the first fabric samples of the design that arrived from the printers. In the video he is wearing a disposable plastic glove and is seen slowly turning over the samples to reveal the alternative colour versions underneath. More than 500 people have viewed the video on Instagram. You can also watch the video, which is included on this page. Holly Lippold from Leigh-on-Sea, UK commented on Instagram :That's gorgeous". Aimee Stammers commented "Awesome. I reckon they'd make great tote bags or backpacks!". Emily, who owns the brand Rock and Rose (in Newcastle UK) commented: "They're awesome!!". Nina May (a designer in Los Angeles) commented: "Super cute". Victor Davis, manager of Pandora Bar San Francisco commented: "Looks awesome". Stefano Maggi (professional photographer in Ancona Italy) commented "Figo" (figo means "Cool" in Italian). 

Patrick Moriarty drew the whole design by hand on paper in April 2017. Then he scanned the drawings and completed the design using Adobe Photoshop.

Video of printed fabric samples of "Sew-on Patches USA" design by Patrick Moriarty

Video of face mask made with printed cotton. The cotton is printed with the   "Sew-on Patches USA" design by Patrick Moriarty

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