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I have always been attracted to the simple fashion accessory, the bandana. I used to play in an alternative rock band when I was in my early twenties and everyone in the band always wore a bandana or had a bandana tied to their instrument.

Bandanas have been extremely popular as fashion accessories in recent years. Most high street retailers now have bandanas in their scarf sections. Bandana prints have been used as printed fabrics for dresses, shirts and many other modern fashion garments and fashion accessories, including bags and hats. Traditional bandana patterns are recognized by the inclusion of paisley symbols in the design. I am naturally drawn to this characteristic because of my love of the paisley pattern and paisley symbol.

A few years ago I collaborated with another designer to produce a range of dog bandanas, which were sold online and were highly regarded in the pet accessory industry. The UK retailer John Lewis retained the samples that I sent to them because they wanted to include them in their seasonal product selection process. unfortunately they were not chosen to be stocked by this major retailer, but it was recognition of the quality of our product for them to reach the selection stage.

In 2015 I was contacted by a wholesale supplier in east coast US. They had found my Paisley Power website online and wanted to know if I could design a series of bandanas on a variety of themes. I accepted the offer and over an 18 month period I created more than 30 unique designs which will be launched gradually in the next few months. I will post photos of them as they are launched.

An excellent photographer in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK, is Niki Cornish who has taken a series of dog portraits with the bandanas. In the photo gallery below you can see Daphne the dog modelling a selection of the bandanas. She looks very stylish and comfortable wearing them. I am sure dog owners worldwide will appreciate these lovely photos very much.

Recently a new customer in Qatar ordered 4 of the bandanas as gifts.

Jo Hundley who runs the Whiskey Adventure Club in Oregon, US, ordered two of the bandanas to be sent to him from Essex, UK. When they arrived in Oregon he took some excellent photos of them, which I have included for you to enjoy in the photo gallery on this page.

You can buy a wide variety of my unique high-quality bandanas in the Paisley Power Shop. at

2018 started excellently with a customer in Manchester buying 2 more Paisley Power bandanas for his dog.

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