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Paisley Power Designs - a small selection of commissioned designs and personal designs for my brand Paisley Power

I will only be showing a few examples of my print designs on this website.This small selection, in many different colourways, is simply to briefly show you my style of designing. Hopefully you will want to view my other print designs in person to ensure their exclusivity. In this way it will ensure that when your fashion garment or furnishing product is launched in your boutique or department store that is has never been seen before. 

I'm sure you will already have your own idea about what type of pattern your product needs whether it's for: a dramatic swirling maxi dress, a classic vintage effect wallpaper, intricate detail for stationery, a bold outlined sorbet print for swimwear or even a fancy "talk of the park" jacket for your pet poodle.

Maybe you are looking for a paisley print similar to fashion label Etro, possibly a paisley pattern for a bag which has a style like US retailer Vera Bradley. Liberty of London have an excellent selection of paisleys, which are always very inspirational.

If you have seen an image in an archive or book and it has given you an idea for your own print design, i can probably bring that idea to life. 

Maybe you have made a sketch, doodle, description, photo or collage. Email your plan to me and we can discuss how to develop your idea.

If you have an interesting idea for a new personalised print but think it's impossible to create in reality.. email me, i always welcome a new challenge.

To view my designs you can use the drop-down menu at the top of the page or use these links:

Bandanas. I designed most of these unique bandanas for a major US client that sells hundreds of thousands of them to retailers every year. The silk dog bandanas, designed specifically for each dog breed, were uniquely created by myself and another designer.

Commission: Bernstein and Banleys Ltd.

Commission: Scotland Malawi Partnership, UK. I designed a paisley pattern for a Scottish school's expedition to Africa.

Commission: Vintage Duck Brand, US. I designed a paisley pattern for a fashion brand.

Design: Paisley Prince Songbook. A very popular design worldwide, which was launched in January 2019. The design has motifs representing nearly 20 of Prince Rogers Nelson's songs.

Design: America Sew-on Patches USA. Graphic version of tossed sew-on patches, on an American theme, make this design perfect for kids and fun-loving adults.

Design: Butterfly Collector. A sophisticated classic incorporating butterflies, flower and paisley forms.

Design: Hibiscus Paisley. This design is very popular as a fashion fabric. Many customers worldwide buy yards of this fabric to make fashion garments including dresses, tops and leggings. There are 10 different beautiful colour versions.

Design: Linear Organic. The purple version of his design was commissioned by Tony Webb Creative Services for the satin lining of jackets for 4 life-size wax figures for an exhibition in Los Angeles.

Design: Linear Organic:

Design: Mosaic Bandana:

Design: Elephant Stone: One of the designs I created by hand, especially for my Paisley Power brand.

Design: Catatonic: A design on the theme of cats for Paisley Power.

Design: Paisley Rats: This was my entry for a design competition for

Design: Tropical 1:

Design: Tropical 2: Palm Leaves

Design: PP2

Design: Ornamental Paisley

Design: Urban Butterflies:


Design: Skull bandana mexican:

Design: Valentine Hearts:

Design: Paisley Kaleidoscope:


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