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Commission: Create 6 new unique designs.

Client: Bernstein & Banleys Ltd (The Lining Company)

In September 2017 Patrick Moriarty was asked to create 6 new unique designs for one of the most prestigious lining companies in the world, Bernstein and Banleys (The Lining Company). The company had seen Patrick's own paisley patterns online and wanted to add some new unique paisley designs to their printed lining collection.

First they commissioned Patrick to produce a paisley pattern with hibiscus flowers incorporated in the design. They had seen Patrick's "Hibiscus Paisley" in his Paisley Power collection and wanted a unique one of their own. They also requested a paisley with palm trees and another paisley with elephants. They commissioned a floral design with peony flowers. A vintage design with cosmetic accessories was also requested. A design with dandelions with the seeds blowing in the wind was the final request.

The new lining fabrics were launched by the company on April 3rd, 2018 and have received a superb response from their clients who have been ordering the new linings. Bernstein and Banleys' clients include high-end tailors, fashion designers, costume designers for theatre, TV and film. They also supply lining fabrics to couture fashion houses, sophisticated 'Ready-to-Wear' brands, bridal and dressmakers. They are a UK company, established more than 65 years ago and have representatives throughout Europe and US.

Dege and Skinner, are one of the most established bespoke tailors in Savile Row, London, W1. They are one of the oldest bespoke tailoring companies in the world. They have been awarded 3 royal warrants: to Queen Elizabeth II (in 1984), the Sultan of Oman (in 1981) and the King of Bahrain (in 2003). They have used the paisley elephant design by Patrick Moriarty in an expertly-made blue mens jacket (see pic below). The lining fabric was supplied by Bernstein and Banleys (The Lining Company) who commissioned Patrick to create this unique design, which he originally drew by hand on paper.

In 2019 JohnGoodwin bespoke tailors of Berkshire used both versions of the Paisley Elephants design by Patrick Moriarty. They lined a blue check jacket with the terracotta version of the elephants and they lined the blue seersucker jacket with the blue version of the elephants. The blue check jacket costs £1690 and the blue seersucker jacket costs £1235. They are definitely worth the price. They are exceptionally stylish jackets with beautiful unique printed linings.

Raffaele De Filippo is a bespoke tailor and shop owner in Koblenz, Germany. He often uses Patrick's designs to line his jackets. In January 2020 Raffaele used the  design called “Ladies Classic Accessories” to line one of his gorgeous jackets for a customer. You can see a pic of the design below. It is bright red with black and white illustrations of ladies classic cosmetics.

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