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I created this website in March 2013 and it was only a few months earlier that I decided to specialise in creating paisley patterns. Generally I follow briefs from my agents and complete designs according to predicted future trends. The 4 galleries in this section show a small selection of examples of my prints from a wide variety of themes from the last few years. Agents rarely tell their designers who they have sold their designs to, therefore it is often only by chance that you find published images of your designs. Friends see them by accident online when searching for insipraiton or they might flick through a magazine and recognise your style.

The Competitions Gallery shows my entries to international print design competitons including 3 winning entries.

The newspaper article (pic below - click to enlarge) was published in the Southend Echo on 21st March 2014.

Below that is my profile on the Front Row Society website which they create for competition winners. They are an international fashion label bsed in Berlin. The print design on the leggings (in both pics) is one of my 3 winning designs entitled Mesh Up.

In October 2014 I met the designer Helle Johansen-Baker. We live in neighbouring towns in Essex; she lives in Leigh-on-Sea and I live in Westcliff-on-Sea. We both had the same idea which was to create bandanas for dogs. She had been photographing dogs and making personalised cushions and cufflinks. I had been making lots of bandana fashion designs for my agent, which had been a popular fashion trend since the summer of 2014. We agreed that it would be too labour-intensive to make personalized bandanas so we decided to make ranges of bandanas for each dog breed. Each dog breed bandana would be produced in a range of 13 colour combinations. We spent a whole year creating the designs and packaging. We also sourced the right printing companies and seamstresses. We arranged photoshoots with local dogs to present our bandanas in a press release. John Lewis department stores were very interested in the products. They were also featured in Tatler magazine. The product has now been discontinued.

Watch this space for information about my future designs. You can be sure there'll be something eye-catching coming your way soon.

Link to my fashion print designs page.

Link to my furnishing print designs page.

Link to my print design competition winners and entries.


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