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Purple Prince Paisley Fabric

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

It was great to finally see the finished wax figure of the music legend Prince. It was a real privilege to be involved in the project. I was invited by Tony Webb, who masterfully created the whole wax representation of Prince, to supply one of my paisley pattern fabrics for the lining of the jacket. Tony is an expert at making art creations in wax by hand. He trained at Madame Tussauds, London. His wax figures are frequently used in major film and TV blockbusters. Everyone who has seen the pics of the Prince wax figure have said that the resemblance to the singer is uncanny. The superb costume for the Prince figure was made by Melissa Bowler. She is an expert at fashion designing, pattern cutting and sewing. On her Instagram page you can see a video of her showing the Prince jacket she made. In the video she folds back the jacket to reveal the printed paisley lining fabric that I created specially for this project. I provided the satin fabric used for the lining of the jacket. Tony asked me if I had a suitable paisley fabric, which would be suitable for Prince. I knew my paisley textile design would be suitable if I recoloured it in shades of purple. I named this new version “Purple Paisley Prince“. Purple was the favourite colour of Prince, he named one of his most famous songs “Purple Rain”. Prince also loved the paisley pattern. He name his recording studios “Paisley Park Studios” and his record label “Paisley Park Records“. One of his numerous hit singles was called “Paisley Park”. In November 2018, a customer ordered 2 yards of the “Purple Paisley Prince” fabric from my online Spoonflower shop. Another new customer bought 45 yards of the design printed on sport lycra. If you would like to order the fabric, visit my Paisley Power online fabric store. There are lots of other designs to choose from, including lots of unique paisley patterns. I originally draw all my designs by hand on paper. Make sure you visit the website portfolio of Tony Webb to see all his fantastic and hugely popular wax figures of famous celebrities. Also visit the Instagram page of Melissa Bowler to see the amazing costumes she creates.

Purple Prince Paisley textile design by Patrick Moriarty with wax figure of Prince by Tony Webb

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