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Purple Paisley for Famous Singer

A sign of a successful textile design is when it's chosen by several clients and customers. My hand-drawn symmetrical "Organic Linear" design was selected for wedding accessories by a Canadian bow tie manufacturer, MBM Bow Ties. It has also been selected by Tony Webb Wax Figures as a lining fabric for the jackets of 4 life-size wax figures of the singer Prince. I'm sure you can guess that the purple samples (pictured below) are for Prince (R.I.P). Pics of the Prince wax figures will be posted when they go on public display. Both of these clients requested that the design was printed on satin in their specified colours. The Paisley Power bucket hats that I produced using this pattern in different colour combinations have been selected by customers in Essex, Suffolk and Lincolnshire. I printed the design on eco-canvas (45% recycled polyester) and also pure cotton to make the hats.

satin fabric samples of symmetrical paisley design by Patrick Moriarty

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