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Chiffon Scarves Are Popular

I'm very pleased to have received 5 orders from different customers for paisley rat scarves in the last few days. One of the UK customers had previously bought 2 contrasting rat cushions from my online Etsy shop. Today I dispatched a scarf to a customer in Scotland who had ordered it a couple of weeks ago and I noticed that he also had previously ordered 2 rat cushions. It's very satisfying and reassuring for me to know that the customers are enjoying my unique print designs. They are also appreciating the quality of the printed fabric and the sewing. They have faith in the Paisley Power brand and are returning to purchase newly launched products. I must thank my friend Niki Cornish who also lives in Southend, Essex, UK for being so good at multi-tasking. She modeled the scarves and also took the photos of herself. Check out her facebook page Niki Cornish Photography.


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