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Wonderful Collaborations

I’m currently working on different projects for 2 very talented artists/designers so that their paintings/illustrations can be used by major homeware retailers. Este MacLeod is an artist from Reading, Berkshire, UK and Jennifer Orkin-Lewis is an artist from New York state, US. Jennifer is also known as August Wren (US). Both artist have tens of thousands of followers on Instagram. It’s a real honour to be working with both talented women. They send me scans or photos of their artwork and then I rearrange it in Photoshop to create a repeat pattern. I use a traditional half-drop layout which was created hundreds of years ago for the production of wallpaper. I enjoy working the beautiful paintings that both artists create. They are very skilled at using colours. Este teaches courses online about colour. When I have finished rearranging their paintings, I send them the finished file and they forward it to their clients. Their clients are usually major homeware retailers in US or UK. On a recent trip to San Francisco I saw Este’s work in a popular store called Crate and Barrel. They have more than 100 stores throughout the US.

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