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Successful Launch in San Francisco!

Last Saturday was the launch of the Rat Cafe at San Francisco Dungeon at Fisherman's Wharf. Today was the second day of cafe sessions where visitors enjoyed the company of friendly rats at the coffee table. No time to read the latest coffee table magazines as the rats were centre stage! I was told about the Rat Cafe project by a friend who is a member of the Surface Pattern Design Guild, to whom i gave two talks in October and in March. My friend suggested I contact the organisers and find out if my paisley rat design could be used at the events. I contacted the PR team at the dungeon and they were very enthusiastic and helpful and put me in touch with Rattie Ratz who are a rat-rescue charity who are providing the rats for the events. Rattie Ratz also loved my prints and agreed that I could provide aprons for the event. I made 2 aprons using my paisley rat fabric and luckily they arrived in San Francisco 2 days before the launch event. They were very popular with the organisers, guests and volunteers, as you can see from the photo. If you would like your own paisley rat apron, you can order one from my Paisley Power Shop at "There's a rat in me kitchen what am I gonna do?" said UB40 in their 1986 hit record.

Rat Cafe volunteers wearing paisley power aprons

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