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Prince-themed products are popular

In the last 24 hours, customers in Australia, the US, and the UK have bought lots of different products printed with the popular “Paisley Prince Songbook” design. They bought 2 types of dresses, 2 types of facemasks, a hoodie and lots of fabric.

Korie in Victoria Australia bought a Paisley Prince Songbook A-line dress. She wrote a special message, "This design looks fabulous. I’m a big Prince fan and you have captured and represented many of the things from his life. Lots of symbols and purpleness."

Rod Black in the US bought the Paisley Prince Songbook hoodie.

Jackie Brown in the US bought the simple dress.

Dee-Dee Bentley in Baton Rouge US bought the lightweight face mask.

Andy Bywater in Orpington UK bought the 2-layer face mask.

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