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Prince-theme Wild Rags

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

10 days ago, Bobbi, a horse trainer/breeder in California, bought a yard of Paisley Prince Songbook satin. Today he has ordered another 3 yards! He has stalls at bull & gelding events and country fairs. He sells wild rags, accessories and home décor. For your information, a wild rag is different from a bandana, it’s more like a scarf. It is tied at the front with a big clasp. Wild rags are usually made of silk or satin, bandanas are made of cotton. In many regions wild rags are a standard part of cowboy dress whether it be for work or social occasions. I expect Bobbi will be making wild rags with the Paisley Prince Songbook satin. I hope he posts some pics! You can order the Prince-themed fabric by clicking on the links in this post. You can choose from a variety of base fabrics including satin, cottons, denim, chiffon and velvet.

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