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Prince Prizes

All the prizes for my recent Prince competition have now been packaged and shipped to the winners and runners up. Lots of prizes were sent to people in UK and US but also to Australia, Brazil and Belgium. The competition was to guess all the songs and albums referenced in my new Paisley Prince Songbook design. There were 20 correct answers. Lots of people guessed the main songs: Purple Rain, When Doves Cry, Paisley Park and Kiss. The main received large fabric samples and the runners up received hand-made greeting cards printed with the design. The competition has been a big success because it has generated a lot of interest in the design and in the new products I have recently launched. The products include a chiffon scarves, tote bags, cushions and posters. The printed fabric is available by the yard and you can choose to have the Prince design printed on 18 different base fabrics including satin, velvet, faux suede and denim.

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