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Personalised Paisley Prince Songbook Bags

Personalised products are ideal gifts to give to someone who likes to receive some special attention, such as partner or close friend. Not only is the present very unique, but it is also makes the recipient feel as though the item was specially made for them. The personalised Paisley Prince Songbook zip bags have a great design and are expertly hand-made. They are also 100% cotton. I was very happy to receive orders for 10 personalised bags, which I shipped to the buyers a few days ago. In the two photos attached to this update, you can see the front of the bag, which will have your name printed on it, and the back of the bag, which has the purple paisley pattern with graphic motifs of crying doves, guitars, kiss lips and purple rain. You can order the Paisley Prince Songbook Personalised zip bags from the Paisley Power Shop.

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