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New US Clients Order the Popular Prince Theme Fabric

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

I’m excited about 2 new customers who bought yards of Paisley Prince Songbook fabric yesterday. Sahrit Freud Weinstein runs her own Etsy business (called Sahrit) in Atlanta Georgia US with nearly 12,000 sales of her cute knitted products for kids and also leggings for adults and kids. She has ordered my Prince fabric printed on Sport Lycra, so I presume she’ll be making fashionable leggings to sell online. Anthony Sanders has his own fashion accessories business in Provincetown, Rhode Island US. He’s ordered my Prince themed fabric printed on luxurious satin. His business is called Bewoke-enterprises. His hand-made collection of bow ties is sensational. He runs the business with his two sons. They choose beautiful fabrics with which to make their stylish popular bow ties. Best of luck to both of these businesses that make fashion and fashion accessories. I’m looking forward to seeing their Prince-inspired creativity manifest itself in their final products. They both chose the small version of the Prince fabric. There is also a large version, a medium version, a very small version, and a tiny version of the Paisley Prince Songbook fabric. Clients and customers buy the large-scale version for projects such as curtain-making and for making bedding eg. duvet sets.

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Mar 03, 2020

Hi there! I am the client that requested the fabric from Anthony Sanders! I am getting my scarf and purse in the mail on Thursday and I will definitely tag you when I post the pics! Thank you for such a detailed and lovingly created design. I am hopelessly devoted to Prince and his legacy, and I cannot thank you enough!

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