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New customers order the Paisley Rats Fabrics

Customers are buying the "Paisley Rats" fabrics online from distributors who order directly from Spoonflower printers. These include Etsy Distribution centres in UK and US. Amazon Distribution is another outlet for my fabrics. A new customer bought a yard of my Paisley Rats fabric by using Amazon Distribution in Germany. Selling my fabrics this way is ideal as I do not have to spend any time on the transactions which means I can spend more time on designing fashion prints for my agent. In the last few days I have sold 2 yards of turquoise Paisley Rats, 2 yards + a fat quarter of B/W small rats, a fat quarter of medium B/W rats and a yard of the new tiny purple/mauve Mosaic Rats. I sent the customer in Bedford a whole collection of the new fabric samples of the purple rats. She was very grateful as it helped her to decide which of the versions was her favourite. Then she ordered a yard of the fabric online and returned the samples to me the next day. My customers appreciate the extra time I spend to ensure that they have a very satisfying customer experience. This is proved by the excellent reviews that customers post online. A customer in Texas, US wrote "Shipped on time & excellent customer service!". Warren Ellis wrote: "Excellent service, beautiful item. Thank you". Another customer in Dallas Texas wrote: "Seller is easy to work with and communicates well. Highly recommended!"

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