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Happy Customer Hayley wears her Paisley Rats scarf

Big thanks to Hayley Baines in Essex who bought a Paisley Rats scarf and posted these wonderful pics on her Instagram page (@hayley.baines.ratties). She wrote “wearing my scarf which I love @paisleypowerpat”. In the pics she’s balancing a selection of her 7 rat girls Bella, Pretta, Blossom, Mancha, Narla, Maple and Holly. The scarf has a unique design with white rat silhouettes incorporated in a swirling paisley pattern. The popular “Paisley Rats” fabric was used to make aprons for a pop-up Rat Cafe at the San Francisco Dungeon in US. For the aprons, chiffon was not used, but a special sturdy fabric called eco-canvas, which has 45% recycled polyester content. It’s very environmentally friendly. You can buy a Paisley Rats chiffon scarf, the same as the one that Hayley is wearing, by clicking HERE.

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