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famous Savile Row tailor uses Patrick Moriarty design

Dege and Skinner have been making all the uniforms for British state ceremonies since Queen Elizabeth ll's coronation in 1953. They hand-made the uniforms worn by Prince Harry and Prince William at the royal wedding of Megan Markle to Prince Harry in 2018. The company is located in Savile Row, London, probably the most famous street in the world for men's bespoke tailoring. In the photo below you can see a stylish blue jacket that they made. The lining fabric they chose was supplied by Bernstein and Banleys (t/a The Lining Company) from their new printed lining collection launched in 2018. Bernstein and Banleys commissioned Southend-on-Sea designer Patrick Moriarty to design 6 new unique designs for them in 2017. This "Paisley Elephants" design was one of the commissioned designs that Patrick drew by hand and then completed using Adobe Photoshop.

paisley elephant printed lining fabric designed by Patrick Moriarty for Bernstein and Banleys

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