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Excellent Review of Paisley Prince Songbook Face Mask

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Tony Webb is a renowned wax sculptor from Derbyshire. He created 4 wax figures of Prince Rogers Nelson for the 4 Hollywood Wax Museums in US. He chose Paisley Power fabric to line the jackets of the wax figures. On 29th April 2020 he bought a Paisley Prince Songbook face mask from the Paisley Power online shop. The mask arrived the next day at his house and later in the day he posted this selfie of himself wearing the face mask. He was so happy with it that he posted the selfie on Instagram and wrote the following caption: "Love my Prince themed face mask from @paisleypowerpat ....check his website out for stunning fabric designs and bespoke accessories"

Thank you Tony for such a positive review!

His friend Melissa Bowler, who makes all the costumes for Tony's wax figures, commented on the photo on Instagram. She wrote "Love it! the print is Fab".

Thank you Melissa for such positive feedback!

There are currently more than 100 people on the online waiting list who are keen to buy one of the sought-after face masks. If you are expected to wear a face mask, make sure it's a very fashionable stylish face mask, such as the Paisley Prince Songbook face mask.

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