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Customer recommends Paisley Power bandanas

One of my best customers is Joseph Hundley in Oregon, US. He always takes great photos of the Paisley Power bandanas that he has bought. He posts the pics on his Instagram page and wrote these kind words of appreciation: "I received a couple of new bandanas in the mail from @paisleypowerpat, the world's premier paisley artist, I recommend him for all your paisley bandana (and other paisley things) needs. These are going to my nephew for his 12th birthday, along with a few other things every young man should have, and that teach him the value of buying quality goods." The bandanas are available to buy from the bandana section of the PaisleyPowerShop at Etsy. I drew all the bandana designs on paper originally. They were commissioned by a US company Wholesale For Everyone, which specializes in manufacturing hundreds of thousands of top-quality screen-printed bandanas every year. They commissioned me to make more than 30 unique bandana designs for them.

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