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Copenhagen Connection

Copenhagen is a wonderful city. It is consistently at the forefront of new developments in art, design, fashion, architecture, cuisine and music. I work freelance for a textile design studio there and have enjoyed many excellent concerts, fashion shows, music festivals and exhibitions during the many times I have been to the city. One of the best contemporary art galleries there is DENCKER + SCHNEIDER, owned by Danish artists Henrik Dencker and Sonny Schneider. Sonny contacted me recently to ask if I would be willing to send him some of my unique fabrics so that he could manipulate them and add his own ideas using his own art materials. I believe it is important for artists and designers from all over the world to collaborate and share ideas as much as possible. Today I sent Sonny the selection of fabrics in the picture below. I drew all the designs by hand originally and most of them are screen-printed at a local arts centre in my town, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK. I am sure Sonny will create some very exciting pieces using my patterns. I will post the results when Sonny has finished the project.

Paisley Power fabrics with animal and paisley prints

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