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Bandanas in Oregon, US

When customers buy your products online, you have no idea how they will use or wear your products. Luckily, Joseph Hundley from Oregon, US leaves me in no doubt about his intentions for the two Paisley Power bandanas he bought recently from my Etsy store. Take a look at his Instagram page, Whiskey Adventure Club. In this pic he's making sure he breathes in no dust by protecting his lungs with the stylish bandana, which is machine washable. Let's hope he doesn't accidentally cut the bandana fabric. Handle with care!

In the next pic is the other Paisley Power bandana that Joseph bought. It's a stylish royal blue colour and he's obviously planning to take it on a field trip into the forests of Oregon. A carefully selected bottle of whisky will keep him nourished and merry on his adventure. Have a great trip!

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