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A special paisley design for a tango festival

The Paisley International Tango Festival 2019 was a great success. It was a thrill to see my commissioned design on a variety of fashion garments and accessories including printed fans, to keep the enthusiastic tango dancers cool. Thanks very much to Drew and Taryn Moir for a very rewarding collaboration. Drew was quite specific about the type of design he wanted me to create. It was essential that the design included illustrations of tango dancers, a tango shoe, a bandoneon (an Argentine concertina), paisley symbols and the official Paisley Tango logo. I drew all the motifs by hand and then completed the design with Adobe Photoshop software. There are two colour versions of the design: a hot version with reds/pinks and a peacock version with greens/blues. In the photo above, Taryn's dress is made from the peacock version. Drew's cravat and pocket square are also made from the peacock version. The design was also printed on fabric to make shoe bags for the tango dancers from all over the world who attended the festival.

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