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60s and 70s Boho Chic - Thea Porter Exhibition

Thea Porter exhibition at Fashion & Textile Museum, London, opened today. The Mother of the Boho, she opened her own boutique in Greek Street 1967 and kitted out the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Faye Dunaway, Diana Ross, etc. She frequently used fabulous prints by Sheila Hudson or Sandra Munro. This is the first ever exhibition of Thea Porter's iconic fashion designs. This excellently curated exhibition follows her fashion journey from Syria to Soho. All the full-size modeled garment photos are my own photos from the exhibition. The other pics were exhibition photos accompanying the garments. The record sleeve of Pink Floyd’s album cover “Pipers at the Gates of Dawn” was originally taken by photographer Vic Singh, in which 3 members of the band are wearing Thea Porter jackets.

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