Design: "Elephant Stone" unique print pattern



I drew this design by hand incorporating elephant silhouettes and paisley forms. I added texture to the elephant shapes so that they are not solid; so that when I screen-print the design an interesting dot texture is created. I also created the paisley pattern using dots, small outlined forms and curved lines of different thicknesses.

This elephant design is my second most popular design after my rat design. The black and white cotton elephant cushion hand-made from my unique screen printed fabric is a best seller. I have also created small clasp bags and zip bags using the design. These are all available in my Etsy shop.

I have included pictures of the design on fabric, paper and also photos in the print room to give you a impression of the printing process. One of the pics shows several colour combinations using 2 or 3 colours in each variation. Cathryn Eardley created these colour schemes and I have printed them out on paper and taken them to the print room so that I can accurately mix the correct ink colours to print on fabric.

The name of the design "Elephant Stone" is the title of a song by The Manchester rock band The Stone Roses. The song was released in 1988. I like to name each of my designs after my favourite bands and songs.

In December 2015 Etsy listed my elephant pattern cushion as one of their most popular items. You can see it included in the Etsy screenshot below. Etsy has 54 million users worldwide and is a great way to introduce a new design or new product to a huge audience. Etsy is also a good place to test your designs and improve them so that they increase their popularity and sales. I realised that using better quality fabrics such as linens instead of poly-cottons improved the quality of the printing and were easier to sew. By increasing the quality of a product it allows you to increase the price. Customers definitely appreciate a high quality, durable, tactile product, whether it's for them or as a gift. 

On 5th January 2016 I was extremely pleased to receive a compliment on Twitter from Professor Birute Mary Galdikas, anthropologist, primatologist and conservationist. We had a brief conversation that was very pleasant. She is the president and founder of the Orangutan Foundation International. She was very complimentary about my elephant design (the pictured version below which has blue elephants, raspberry-coloured paisley and grey background). She wrote: "Design & colours worked perfectly together! Quite stunning actually." I have included a screenshot of her twitter comment in the images below. 

In April 2017 an entrepreneur in New York contacted me to request permission to use a selection of my designs for the launch of her Eco-friendly dancewear brand. I have agreed to her offer and am looking forward to seeing my print designs on garments , including my paisley elephants, in US stores in 2017.

This design is available in different colors from my online fabric store at You can choose to have it printed on more than 20 different fabrics and also as wallpaper or gift wrap.

In November 2017 a New York fashion accessories designer Lisa DuFour Wilkinson designed a wonderful new shoulder bag. She chose Paisley Power's elephant fabric to make the bag, in addition to the other fabrics required to make the bag. They all complimented each other perfectly. Make sure you take a look at her other imaginative bag creations. They are truly exceptional. Here is her Instagram page. She uses lots of amazing printed fabrics to make her bags, so I was thrilled to be in the company of some top international print designers eg Alexander Henry Fabrics.

In 2018 Patrick made a new improved version of the white elephants on black background. He is very happy with the new version and has made new cushions with newly printed fabric. The Beecroft Art Gallery in Southend has the new version in stock if you wish to purchase one for your home or as a unique hand-made gift for someone special.


Elephant pattern on silk screen
2 printers printing an elephant pattern in the print room
elephant pattern screen-print by Paisley Power
orange-elephant-print-boxer shorts-by-Paisley-Power
elephant cushion pillow designed by Paisley Power + gift wrap .jpg
Elephant cushion by Paisley Power and excellent customer reviews
Paisley Power elephant cushion included in Etsy's most popular elephant cushions .png
paisley power elephant cushion with hem tag.jpg
elephant paisley pattern clasp bag
elephant cushion - by patrick moriarty
elephant paisley pattern by patrick moriarty
elephant cushions - elephant pillows - paisley pattern by Paisley Power.jpg
silkscreen printing my elephant pattern
elephant paisley design colour schemes
elephant paisley pattern printed cotton
Professor Birute Galdikas review
Elephone Stone - paisley design by paisley power.jpg
elephant paisley pattern by Paisley Power - black and white Indian style - fabric detail.jpg
elephant pattern - designing the repeat area
elephant cushion by Paisley Power