Design: Paisley Cats "Catatonic"


This unique pattern is part of my series of paisley designs incorporating animal silhouettes. My family, friends and customers have enjoyed my paisley rats, paisley elephants and paisley butterflies. It became clear that the cat would be a great subject for a design, so here it is! I arranged a competition on my Paisley Power Facebook page (feel free to like my page) asking people to choose a name for this design. Lots of people suggested Catatonia (the name of excellent BBC6 DJ Cerys Matthews' former rock band) but I chose the name CATATONIC (suggested by the 2 winners) as I liked the inclusion of the word 'tonic'. A catatonic state is a state when a person is completely unresponsive, which certainly doesn't apply to the cats in my design. My cats are very animated; strolling and leaping over the paisley forms.

Here are some pics of the design. I have included photos taken at TAP, the community arts space/gallery in Southend where I do my screen-printing, so that you can follow the processes involved in creating these unique hand-made fabric prints. Pics include blasting the screen with a hose to remove the unexposed emulsion. Pigments are mixed with binder to create the inks. The process of lining up the screens to ensure proper registration can be seen in the pics too.

I initially made the design as a 2-colour design, which you can see, printed in pink on white cotton but now I have adapted the design for a 3-colour print. The results speak for themselves; much more intriguing.

I was extremely grateful to have some very talented and skilled volunteers helping me. Technical processes, unknown to me, were necessary to create the detailed 3-colour prints on fabric using very basic facilities. Adaptations were made to the print room to enable these processes. Their expert knowledge was invaluable. Thanks to Beatriz Gonzalez (fine art printmaker) and John Norman (experienced commercial silkscreen printer). Also thanks to Cathryn Eardley (textile designer) for creating all the lovely colour combinations.

A selection of these paisley cat prints have now been sewn into cushions and bags on sale in the PaisleyPowerShop. You can also buy uncut unsewn prints if you prefer because many people like to make their own fabric accessories. There is now a black and white version of the print. My first customer in Singapore bought 2 black and white cat print cushions in June 2016. She left a 5-star review in my Etsy shop and emailed me to say "Thanks so much for the lovely covers".

in 2018 a new customer has requested fabric samples of the Paisley Power cat design in different shades of purple and lilac so that they can make a bag for their yoga mat. They already have a large collection of yoga mats but they don't have one with paisley cats yet. I was happy to create 5 different versions for them, which I sent for approval.

In May 2018 I created some new colour variations which are now available from the Paisley Power online fabric store at I have added a video to this page so you can see one of the new versions, which is brown, grey and white. The cushions made from this new version are on sale at the Beecroft Art Gallery, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK

If you would like to see the products in real life, take a look at the Stockists page.

In November and December 2019 is the Paisley Power pre-Christmas sale at the Beecroft Art Gallery Southend. There is a 20% discount on all products designed by Patrick Moriarty. These include all versions of the Paisley Cats ("Catatonic") design. There is a black and white version, there is also a burgundy and pink version and finally and olive and brown version.

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Paisley Cats cushion designed by Patrick Moriarty. This is the red (burgundy), pink and white version.