This page provides a selection of my textile design entries for international fashion print competitions. I began to enter the competitions in 2013 to allow myself to be more experimental and artistic than my everyday commercial print design assignments. There are 3 winning designs (pictured below) for Front Row Society. They are a prestigious fashion print company based in Berlin who sell online but also in many leading department stores across Europe. They usually select 15-25 winners from approximately 400 international entries for each competition. In addition to winning a cash prize and having the winning designs commercially produced as silk scarves or leggings, it gives the entrant the opportunity to meet lots of other international designers and share ideas, technical advice, interpretation of the briefs and encouragement. We are inspired by each other's creativity. Please note: they do not seem to be running any design competitions currently (June 2016). Check their facebook page for new updates.

The first image (directly below this text) is my scarf design called Carousel, which I based on photographs of a photographic slide projector. The second image shows 2 photos of the design printed as a cashmere scarf. It was printed and produced by Front Row Society. I did not realise it was such a success with their customers until I received my first sales report. It was one of their best selling designs of the season.

One of the competitions was called "Rorschach" which required entrants to create a design using the technique of splashing ink onto paper and then folding the paper and pressing the halves together to create a mirrored image. I made several attempts at the technique and one of my finished ink papers resembled a creature, which is part mouse, part bear. I scanned the print into my laptop and created a repeat pattern using multiple copies of the creature in different sizes. You can see the image below; it is black, white, grey and peach coloured. The Rorschach test was a psychological test used in the 1960's, which was created by Swiss psychologist Hermann Rorschach in 1921. It helps some psychologists to establish a person's emotions and personality characteristics. It is widely used in US and Japan but in UK psychologists rarely use it as they are sceptical of its validity. Despite it's debatable effectiveness, it's a great technique for creating unique unpredictable artwork!


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Winner of FRS Leggings Challenge

Patrick Moriarty design called "Mesh Up" for Front Row Society (FRS) Competition. My entry was chosen amongst more than 400 entries internationally as one of the winners. The theme was Graphic Lace and we were encouraged to use images of architectural structures in our designs. I incorporated one of my photographs of the roof of the British Museum. Entry submitted in November 2013.